My perception is my reality.  What seems real from here in the Heartland is what I think is real, at least to me.  When a politician says we are going to change, I don't pay attentions to the words, I am like a snake in the grass and I watch his feet.  When we voted in the Civil Rights act, we didn't tell the blacks to go live on a reservation, we gave them the freedom to go assimilate anywhere anytime and be a part of the solution to their problems not remain rooted in the hatred of the plantation era.  One poor black man is killed by the Police and everyone is up in arms about racism.  What about the Black on Black deaths that happen every day in the big cities.  Is racism from a few people the cause of that?  I don't think so. 

I fought for your right to do or be anything you desire.

A week or so back, I was stopped for not slowing down enough in a small town in Central Kansas.  I calmly offered the Policeman my license, insurance card and registration.  I treated him with respect, offered him no negative feedback about speed traps or where he was parked.  He checked my driving record on his computer and he came back with a warning that I need to slow down a little faster next time.  The respect I showed him was returned by him in our meeting.  I didn't act like I was entitled to more than I gave.  Did you see any of that in the film clips on TV.  Nope, they were so offended that they went to Wal*Mart in their underwear and stole TV's.  Is that what is passed on as normal behavior?  Not in the heartland here at Rabbit Run.

Yesterday Barb made caramel nut rolls to take to work for our Daughter-in-law, Barb Jr.  I would like to point out that she has used Splenda for years when she make sweet things.  I think Barb knows that Diabetes runs in my family and I am a prime candidate just waiting for the Isles of Langerhans to stop working well.  I guess on a recent visit, Barb Jr. was informed that she like her father will have to start taking a pill for her poor performance on the latest test.  I sure hope it helps her start feeling better.  I know that we will do our best to help her where we can. 

What do you do to protect your health?   I see my dentist twice a year, my Doctor once a year for a physical and wellness visit.  I am keeping that information in the hands of the VA to make sure I don't get dropped from their rolls for inactivity.  I think I will try to get into the VA for a visit in September.  I want to stagger the visit with them with the visit to my family Doctor.  Several times each week Barb will tell me that it is time to get the bikes out for a ride around the lake.  Not a meal goes by that Barb doesn't say to me where are the veggies if I forget to nuke some.  Fruit is always on out shopping list.  Get up and do something for yourself. 

A smile on my face and in my heart

After writing and editing these posts, I save them and then hit the little "Next Blog" button at the top of the page.  Without fail, the first three or so posts will be some folksy blog where the author tries to be informing and in some cases a little preachy.  Then things will take an odd twist.  The system will take me off in a direction and stay there.  It will be an arts and crafts site, a cooking guide or some foreign language blog where it is in either a language I don't understand or in a type of writing I can't read.  After three or more of that, I have to close the program or continue on that vein forever.  I have noticed there are a lot of people that haven't hit a keyboard in two or more years.  Few, if any, write daily.  Oh well.


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