Sinus Trouble

For many years, I have taken an anti allergy pill daily.  If I wait for the sinus headache, the medicine I need raises my blood pressure so much that I feel worse.  I have been west of home for a week and a half and it seems that between the dust and the different pollen I have had to press through it all. I have plans to get home tomorrow and that everything will normalize then.  (I hope)

For years we have made trips to Idaho and in the summer it was so dry that it made pop corn farts seem wet.  In August this year they are about 5 inches for the month.  It seems like the sky would be blue and then a small cloud would appear and it would rain hard and then stop.  One day I stopped by the entryway to our motel and let Barb out and stay dry (She could also get cookies at the front desk)  I had to sit in the car for about ten minutes while the rain turned to hard rain and then hail.  It was the size of grapes and almost covered the ground.  Then it stopped and everything was dry in about 15 minutes.  Right down the street there was a tree that got so beat up that the leaves plugged the street drain and flooded a restaurant.  They had just redone the carpet from a flood in June.

It was a lot like June was this year in Kansas.  Then the month of July was as dry as it could get.  I thought I might not even have to mow again this year.  About the first of August it rained three times the first week and I had to mow then and probably one more time this fall.  Oh well, I guess I need to have some good things to do. 

It is about 1200 miles from home to Barb's parents house in Idaho.  Today we drove over 700 miles so tomorrow will be a fairly easy day.  I can do 500 miles and throw in a nap.   Can't wait to get horizontal at home.


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