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I'll bet you thought that most of my posts were just random thoughts.  If you had a good case of ADD, you to could wile away the hours just having thoughts that are as disconnected as a fifth grader's English papers.  I really don't have a cohesive theme today so I will just write what comes to mind.

Yesterday was a nice day in the late morning and I fired up the tractor and did some mowing.  For the most part, the lack of moisture in July stopped the new growth of grass but seems there was some strange weeds on the edge of the field that had made it look shaggy.  The nice thing is that the big tractor has a 60" mower deck so it makes short work of mowing.  The only bad part is that is will also make short work of the fence if you get too close.  I have a couple of places where I have tangled with the fence and at least one wooden post is gone. 

When I went out with the mower, the orchard was home to four deer.  They were calmly eating apples and pears that have fallen off the trees.  There were three adult deer in the field and when they finally spooked out to go visit the neighbors yard, a fawn ran out of the trees to follow.  It was funny that me on the tractor didn't spook them very fast and Barbara snuck out with her camera and was worried that they would run away prior to her getting a good picture.  This picture is all Barbara and her great Nikon Camera. 

I See You!
Early next year we are considering a Photography Workshop in Costa Rica.   We have tried to align our schedule with the KU Basketball games and it looks like if we get the trip we want, it will only cost us the Baylor game.  I think Baylor is a great team to watch but what's one game is an entire season.  We don't go to the Road Scholar Photography Workshops for the instruction, we go because they always take us to beautiful places.  There is almost always an early sunrise shoot and a late day shoot.  We can choose which one we each got to and that way we have a lot of different pictures.   After 30 years of early day work, I am a lot more likely to go then and Barb will choose the late night shoot.  Unless I can sneak in a nap.

Well, Sports Fans, I have gone over 400,000 hits on this blog.  For some strange reason I am getting about 60,000 hits a month and it doesn't take long to rack up visits at that rate.  A part of me wants to have more comments, but then it would probably take me hours to read and comment if I did.  I will just welcome my readers and move on as smartly as I can. 

About a month ago, I did some work at my Son's, In-Law's new house. (Trying to figure out the punctuation on that sentence was hard) I left my bucket of plumbing tools there because I knew I would probably need them to install a new kitchen faucet.  I finally got over and did that faucet job and retrieved my tools.  Both of my electric drills were there and I am glad to have them back.  A Guy never knows when he needs a good screw (driver).  OK, I know that's probably in poor taste but old guys like to laugh as bawdy jokes too.  When you reach the point where your body is a joke, Bawdy jokes are appreciated more.  Did you know that over the age of 50 the best cure for nudity is a full length mirror?

I had the funniest thing happen one day on a trip to the lumber yard.  I had some tools in the front seat of the truck and I tried to hide them with a tarp so no one could see them and steal parts of the mess.   I had a plastic tool case for one of my large corded drills on the floor.  Somehow in moving the stuff, my electric drill fell off the seat and went right in that drill case.  When I got home, I looked for my drill and could not find it.  I even went to the security desk on my next visit to Menards.  They looked at their security  tape and other than a lot of people looking at the old 53 Chevy Truck, no one messed with it or the contents.  I bought a new drill and finished the job I had to do.  It wasn't until I moved into the new storage shed that I realized that I had the large drill out of the box and it felt like one in the box.  When I opened the case there was my old cordless drill and now I have two.  I would say I have three battery operated drills but I gave one to Dave.  It was a great Dewalt drill but it was one heavy sucker and if you had a lot to do it would wear you out faster than the battery would.   That is another of the part of getting old(er) that I hate.  I am as good as ever in the short haul but no lasting power for the heavy jobs.  By the end of the summer I have built back up to a fair strength level but starting out in the spring is always a bear.

Have I told you that by Barbara's standards, things out there must not be all that tough?  She has the opinion that if things really get tough, the number of Canadian Geese on the bike paths and golf courses would seriously start to get smaller in number.  They are so tame that you could walk right up to them and smack one with a club, easy peasy.  I hear they are pretty good roasted and I am sure they would fit on my grill like the annual turkey does.  If there is anything I love better than smoked turkey on Thanksgiving, it is leftovers.  I have made them into smoked turkey Enchiladas that never make it past the dinner bell into the realm of leftovers.  I won't get into the fact that those Canadian Geese make riding a fenderless bike a real pain by pooping large droppings on the sidewalk.  If you love to go to the park to feed them, please feed them over in the grass.  Having 50 or so hungry geese pooping where they eat is a giant mess.

No Fenders and Goose Poop is not a good combination
I guess I had better get on with my activities for the day.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.


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