Is it just me?

I look over the comments and for the largest part of over 350,000 hits, few, if any people comment.
here is the typical comment on the blog a couple of days ago:

"It doesn't take up to seek huddled. blank conscious furnishing can appear author thin, feature unilluminated-reddened blouses on top of your mold.

Be trusted you're on the cyberspace. We can easy trace you station direct ads,
whatever insight your payday give, cogitate again. A upshot..."

Does this make sense to you or am I just alone in my own little world?   Why would you post such stuff?



  1. I think it is attempt to get you to reply to the comment and then they will spam you with all kinds of stuff after they know your working email address. The best response is to just hit the delete key and move on.

  2. Been there. done that. Thanks Ray