I think Garage Sales are a Giant conspiracy to transfer the stuff from one home to another so you will think it has value and want to keep it and more.  In an effort to find good stuff for the garage sale this weekend, the First Mate (And only, I hope) is looking through the cabinets in the kitchen.  I am sure that you too have some that are crammed to the brim with things that in the light of day would normally be thrown away.   Just how many empty Tea Bag cans can you keep to make sure that you have enough?   When you can no longer close the door on the cabinet with the coffee cups, is it time to thin them down?    Somehow, spell checker changed thin to think as if I had the power to move things with telepathy.   I noticed the other day that my new cell phone doesn't underline misspellings, it changes things to what it thinks is close.  I also noticed that if I pay attention, it suggests words by the first couple of letters.  I haven't had it change any of those selected words that I noticed.  But my mind makes up stuff and sometimes it thinks I actually said it or mistyped it that poorly.

This morning in an effort to entertain myself, I went off on a YouTube trip back to the day when Robin Williams was funny not pathetic.  I even found George Carlin's solutions to four classes of people that should be removed from society.  I did find it strange that he close Kansas as the location of one of the groups but do understand that he also used Colorado, Wyoming and  Utah as the other three states and he did want to keep them contiguous.  His ten story fence did kind of need to have straight lines.   For the record, George has been dead long enough that  he didn't see the problem we are having along our southern border and just how hard it is to keep people out, let alone in.

Am I one of the few that think we as a people (The entire world, not just here in America) are so wrong that it would serve us right if we ceased to exist?  How is it that my god is so much better than your god that my solution is better than yours?   How can we decide to pick and choose what group of people die and who lives?  Is the Genocide in Syria worse than in Iraq?  Is the death of so many Africans to be ignored because it is Aids and we need to jump in if it is Ebola?   Am I just wrong if I think the Doctors that are sick should not be brought back into the US?   They went there to dedicate their lives to saving those people.  Why spend millions of dollars to bring them back here?  Where are the death panels everyone was predicting to oversee the spending of dollars in a wasteful manner.  Another myth shot dead.

Speaking of Health Care, in Kansas there has been a growing number of people that do not have any health care.  The percentage has grown by 3% since the passing of the bill.  Are people not able to afford the new insurance with higher costs or is there some stupid kind of thought that the Government will step in and offer it free that I don't know about?  Can this raise in the statistics be a part of better measurement of the numbers or what could be the cause?   Whatever the cause, the liberals are blaming it on the Republican Governor rather than trying to figure out why people can't afford AHCA or are unwilling to join a club  like that.   

The other day one of my friends deployed one of those portraits of JFK when he spoke about serving your country.   The very people that said Ronald Regan spoke in sayings not substance don't remember who started that mess.  I for one believe that having a President that tell us what we should be, isn't a bad thing unless he can't influence Congress to do the right thing.  If the way Washington D.C. is so screwed up is the Political parties, do we need to change that part?   Voting Democrat in Kansas feels wasted because the rest of the State will pile up Republican votes.  I wonder if I would feel that same thing in California as a Registered Republican?   Is that a part of the low voter turn out?  Shouldn't the first step in being unhappy with out Congress be a surge in the Voter turn out?   It seems that the only one with a lower approval rating is the President.  Our Apathy is a silence that I can hear but I always a little politically deaf.   HOW ABOUT YOU?

If you didn't vote and are unhappy about the Government leaders, Just remember that I got to select the people there.

Have a great day.

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