Judging a Book by Its Cover

Many years back in my life, I lived in Ottawa, Kansas and served as the Training Officer for an Artillery Battalion.   Once in a while, mostly after a drill weekend and on a Monday I would go to the Country Kitchen for my usual.  Two eggs, over medium, hash browns and toast with coffee if you please.  That has been my go to breakfast for most of my life if I can get it.  One Monday morning, I was sitting there in my uniform eating breakfast and this guy with a beard asked me if I was in the local Guard unit.  I never passed up a chance to recruit even if this guy didn't look like the typical guy to join the Guard.   We talked and I asked him if he had been on Active Duty and he said he was a Aircraft Mechanic in the Marines.  The more we talked, the more interested in what we might do for him he became.  I talked him into stopping by the Armory and taking the aptitude test to see what the Army could match with his skills. 

Sure enough, he came over and after seeing the scores on his tests, it was plain that about anything we had he could do.  I hadn't seen scores that high in a long time.  I don't remember what he did initially but he served out the last of his 20 years in the guard.   Had I not looked past the beard and the dirty clothes, the Guard would have missed out on one of the best soldiers we ever enlisted.  Clearly my desire to talk to about anyone helped me look past that cover and see the man inside. 

The other day, the wife and I talked about being able to just talk to about anyone.  She is a little of an introvert and can talk with anyone should she choose to do so.  Me, I seek out conversations and am especially at home if it is with a little kid.  They are so honest and bright and I can get right down on their level. 

Today, I saw a Facebook page that said, "Is it just me or do you also get road rage in Walmart?"  I do some of my best visiting there and enjoy the time I spend there.  The only thing is when I go there I need to take a shopping list as there is so much to buy.  I might find myself in the sporting goods section and have no intention of playing sports or camping.  I do like to visit their bike section just to see what they are doing with bikes this next year.  I do my best to maintain my bike in good running order and there has been a time or two that I have updated a tire pump or such thing.   

Father Time at Wal*Mart
I wonder if it is the shoppers at Wal*Mart that upsets a lot of people.  I took the 57 Chevy for a test drive one day and as I passed by the Wal*Mart, I realized that I needed something.  I went in, found what I wanted and went home.  When I got home, I went into our bathroom downstairs.  There in the mirror was such a dirty disheveled mess  that it made me wonder what everyone else thought.  I could have been the poster boy for the People of Wal*Mart.   I will admit that my son worked the midnight shift at a call center and he told me that about 2 AM he see's zombies in Wal*Mart.  I guess if it is something serious enough to get you out at 2 AM to shop you really don't care about appearance.  A lot of times it was a young person that forgot to buy diapers or something important.

I am not sure why people seem to hate Wal*Mart.  I can spend hours roaming up and down the aisles and getting exercise.  It is a lot like I get a chance to see things even if I don't buy them all.  The lack of sales associates, and their limited knowledge doesn't upset me.  In fact I hate it when at Best Buy one of their salesmen follow me around and make stuff up hoping to get me to buy something.  There are times I just like to look and there are times I like to buy and generally I can do it by myself. 

In closing, I want to remind you that it is important to maintain a good appearance when you go to work to help those that do have to judge you will get a good impression.  What you do the rest of the time is on your own.



  1. The reason why Best Buy is loosing customers is because they harass their customers. They all tell you they don't work on commission but they are on a quota to sell extended warranties.(A high profit item) Non producers of warranty sales are soon replaced. I don't like to shop there for that reason. I like to browse without being hassled.

  2. I shop there only when I need help and Dave is not available. I never buy extended warranties. Not a good bet in my book.