OK, You Got Me!

"And they lived Happily Ever after" is like the saying "All's fair in Love and War."  Having been hurt in a relationship will convince everyone that Love can cause you feel like you butt has been kicked.  There are trials for atrocities committed during battles.  Life is complex and unless you get up ready to see where it takes you today, you might find that you want to be in Dodge.  I said to the wife I was ready to get out of Dodge and she replied that she is perfectly happy in Dodge and there are still tomatoes in the garden that need her attention.

The only thing she really has to be unhappy about is that after maintaining a vigilant attitude about squash bugs, her squash plants died anyway.  Me, I would have nuked them with a good bug spray but what do I know about organic?   I think the water this year was so inconsistent they died of the different amounts applied in each month.  In June we had at least an inch a week and things grew like gangbusters.  I think the month of July was almost nothing and it rained four times since the first of August.  Oh well, wait for next year.

The other morning as I went out to fetch the paper, I saw deer out in the orchard eating the apples knocked off the trees by the 60 MPH wind the night before.  I did a much needed thinning of the crop that culls the bad apples out of the crop.  The deer will probably be the main recipient of the apple crop after the wife makes apple butter.  I think she likes to make it with the Asian Pears the best as they hold their shape better.  What do I know.  I have eaten her pies made with apples and Asian Pears and like them both.  I guess I am like my mother in that she never met a pie she didn't like.

Now it is time to run and I will close here.

OK Fat Boy, where are those apples

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