Fun Evening

Yesterday the Capitol City Chorus of the Barbershop Harmony Society went to the VA and sand for two different groups of patients.  We had a good time and the audience seemed to like what we did.  I think the Chorus Director planned a more patriotic theme and the guys all seemed to like our performance of Barbara Ann the best.  I will admit that we enjoy singing that song the best.  By the time we got back over to the Church for practice, the energy level was pretty low.  We sang a few songs but I think you could have told that our heart wasn't in it as much.  But all in all it was a fun evening.

Over the weekend, the 53 Chevy Pick-up truck just wouldn't start.  I had AAA drag it home and when I got it out on the sidewalk and all jacked up, I yarded the starter and battery out.  First step in the process was to take them to the parts store for testing.  Both tested out fine.  I went home and installed them properly, then tested the starter.  It cranked and the truck started right up.  I thought it might be the ignition switch but that wasn't a problem.  I will call it preventive maintenance even if I did cuss all the work.  Oh well.

53 Hot Rod Truck w/ Bikes

This morning it was in the 60's when I went out to fetch the paper.  Looks like it will be a sunny day with the high in the 80's.  The normal fluxuation from low to high in Kansas is about 20 degrees.  25 degrees is an extreme fluxuation and at 30 degrees they issue a stockman's warning.   That normally doesn't occur except in the dead of winter when a polar vortex passes and it has been on the high side of a 50 degree swing.  When I was stationed at Fort Irwin, the average swing was 50+ degrees and we spent a lot of our time bundling up or stripping off layers.   One thing you didn't want to do is to have on too much during the day and be wet when the sun went down.  Sweaty just seems to let the cold sink in right down to your core.  I can stand the heat but am no lover of the cold. Throw in wet and I get miserable.

I always feel bad when I read that a celebrity commits suicide.  The truth of it is that for the most part, their passing won't change our lives that much.   I think we watched Robin Williams a lot like we did the antics of a lot of the other comics on the Tonight Show.  I think Buddy Hackett went on stage in a diaper and actually wet himself.  Robin did some remarkable movies and we could see him as a Doctor or a cross dressing grandma with equal ease. He could have played Tootsie but removing his copious amount of body hair would have doubled the production costs. I know that many of us young boys loved Pam Dauber but couldn't help laughing at Mork's stupid antics on TV.  RIP Robin Williams.

Just this morning, I told the wife that I was like the TV Gunslinger Paladin.  "Have CAR will travel." I could be coerced out of town pretty quickly.  With that said, my list of Honey Do's is fairly lengthy but a little motivation might get me down the road rapidly.  I think the Chorus won't do any performances until September.  There is one left in August but I will not be here for that one.  I guess I need to get it together and move out smartly ( or in my usual dumb manner).   Write if you get work.


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