Baby Sitting Day

Today we have a visitor.  The daughter of our friend Travis has a daughter Riku and she's here.  She starts preschool next week and needed a sitter for a couple of days this week.  She has such a pretty smile and an easy going nature.   Being an only child, she can entertain herself with toys or Dora the Explorer.  The only fault is that due to our hearing, we sometimes have trouble understanding her.  That is not always true but sometimes.

It is very interesting that we love to have visitors and are always glad when the house returns to a quiet state.  We had Dave and his in-laws over for dinner last night and things were ever so quiet when they all went home.   I grilled pork chops, chicken and brats.  I am not sure what I liked the best.  It always takes an hour to really smoke the chicken using an indirect heat.  The pork chops were done at about 20 minutes and the brats took about 30-40 minutes.  I try to give everything a good smoky cooking and I do love the pink smoke ring on the brats. 

So far, our new cell phone is working fairly well.  The only problem is that from downstairs I have no service except for the internet wireless router. It is kind of funny that in the middle of no where in Yellowstone Verizon had service and here at the edge of Topeka I have only one bar from upstairs and none downstairs.  Dave has the thought that I need a booster and perhaps this fall I might invest in one.

Dave is interviewing with General Dynamics for a job in Lawrence.  If that fails, he might even give the call center here in Topeka a try.  I really feel bad that he is so capable and is having trouble getting a job that reflects his talents.  He is such a good customer service person that I think he would be a good Insurance Agent. 

Well, better get cracking, might be off the net for a couple of days.  Stand By For News.


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