My Happy Birthday Party

Last night our friends from Far Away places were here for dinner and we also invited their family from Lawrence over to join in.  I thin there were 6 children (and me) here for the food and festivities.  If I were to try to have more fun, I'm not sure how.   It was an evening of good conversation and the kids had a ball. 

The only thing that wasn't up to my usual standards was that the brisket should have been in the crock pot as it was just a little tough cooked half on the grill and half in the oven.   I will throw it in the crock pot here in a little while for a good slow cooking.  I also over estimated the steak buy at least half.  That should be some spectacular Fajitas.  Might even have a couple of chicken breasts left for enchiladas.  If there is anyone that likes them better than me it is our son Dave. 

I'm not sure what today will bring other than a dinner at the Texas Road House.   I did get a kiss and a hug as a Birthday wish from Barb this morning and don't know what the rest of the day will bring.  I really have no other plans.   Well, I did get up early and take the trash out to the court.  I guess I also read the paper, but I do that every day.

One funny thing our guest said was that he forgot to weigh himself before he left on Vacation.  He did think that because of Ramadan he did lose some weight so he has some room left to grow a little on the trip.  He said that everyone tried to outdo the others by cooking him good stuff.  I had so much other good stuff that I didn't cook Brats.  Oh well, Barb doesn't like them as much the first time as I do like them even as left overs.

I would lie to you and tell you that I have better stop here and get on with things but I really don't have any pressing duties to go do.


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