When you achieve the end of your working days, you too will find that Saturday is just the name of one day on your pill case.   Barb and I do most of our getting out and about during the week and stay home mostly on Saturday.  Today was a little different as we went to Lawrence to have Breakfast at HiVee.  The have a nice salad bar with lots of fresh fruit and a pretty good breakfast buffet.  I like the restaurant "First Watch" but on Saturday so does most of Lawrence.  I see little benefit in waiting half an hour just to get a table. 

Do you know how long the registration on the no call list is supposed to last?  I guess it is time to go up on line and re register all the phones.  I have been really invaded by Robo calls for politicians and calls to tell me about my septic tank or to announce I have won a trip somewhere.  I guess I am way too busy when I don't hang around to hear the entire pitch.   I have a motto that "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't."   In my perfect world a blocked call would not ring and have the caller ID tell me it is a blocked call.  Blocked calls should be forwarded to 911 so they can deal with them.

They are still calling?

(The little guy on the right of this picture is why I was
called Wheezer as I grew up.)

Last night I saw a short surveillance video that showed the kid shot in St Louis strong arming a 7-11 owner to steal a box of cigars.  He is lucky that the owner of the store didn't shoot him.  I'm not saying that the cop should have shot him, I'm saying that there are two sides of every story and everyone needs to be careful about what they start a riot over.  How many young men were killed in Chicago or Detroit and where is Jessie Jackson on Monday morning?  For the record, if the whites started killing the blacks as often as they kill each other, we would al have to go out armed like the 1860's.  By the way, how does stealing a big screen TV make it even for perceived faults in our system? 

Freeloaders at Rabbit Run
In Topeka, the straightest point between two places is under construction.  I know where I want to go but you can't get there from here.  Right now unless you drive out of your way or through a serious construction zone you can't get from the east side of town to the west side.  This morning I looked at the receipt for breakfast.  Did you know there is a 8.7% sales tax?  I paid $1.18 in sales tax for the breakfast.  I don't want to think what the tax is on a gallon of Gasoline.  I should be thankful they don't spend all that money maintaining the roads.  They would keep them closed all the time rather that most of this summer. 

How do you like your Brats?  I thought that serving them on a hot dog bun was the best but the last two times we served them no one but me ate them on a bun.  Oh well.  Who am I to try to dictate the way people eat? 



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