Politics Again

The PBS program called Sunflowers Journeys tonight focused on 25 years of the effects of politics on Kansas.  They talked about Frank Carlson and how he was one of the last Politicians that went to Washington D.C. and then returned home.  The trend today is for our Senators and Representatives to go there and remain as lobbyists to see they can influence the system to do what they could not get done when they were there.  The latest election campaign has alleged that our Senator from the Western part of the state doesn't really live here, but has a recliner in a supporter's home on a golf course near Dodge City.   One thing they did talk about was that today we are more divided than ever and people don't trust anyone.  How does that joke go, The most feared words are "I am from Washington and I'm here to help you."   

Probably one of the biggest arguments is what is our Government doing to and for us, and how much can we afford them to do?  The Conservatives want us to make the Government go as far away and to almost not have any effect on our lives.  They have some misconception that the People will treat everyone the same and in a good way.  On the other side, there is the feeling that only the Government can be trusted to protect our rights.  They truly trust the Government to do the right thing.  Having an IRS audit this last year over conflicting instructions from Turbo Tax I understand that many people don't trust anyone, organization or group to do the right thing without some motive, good or bad. 

One segment of the program talked about the League of Women's Voters.  They say their purpose is to increase the participation of the people in the political process.  I don't understand that the people without jobs are the people they feel don't have the time or opportunity to vote.  Seems like when I was working, I would go in early to be at the polls when they opened.  The ladies said they would take people to the polling place.  Sounds like they were focusing on the very people that are likely to vote Democratic.  They will tell me that they are not, but my daddy would say if it quacks and waddles, it just probably is a duck.

For my birthday, the wife agreed to a new cell phone.  Instead of the old Trac Phone, I did upgrade and again I'm faced with learning new technology just in time for it to become obsolete.  I got the phone home and on page two, it tells me that I need a Micro SD Card to store the music and pictures.  Why the hell didn't the people at Best Buy tell me that?  I had to go back with my phone in my hand and beg them to tell me why I needed one and most importantly how the hell to install it.  The cute lady there pried the back off to check there wasn't an SD card there and then closed the case.  Crap girl, if I had fingernails like those, I could probably pry the back off but that's why I'm here.  In stead of offering to hold the phone there with her while I went to buy the Micro SD card, she handed me the pieces and aimed me towards the accessories hanging on a rack.  Yes, I carried the card with the new card a the pieces to the cash register.  After I paid for the card, I then carried the pile back over to the Cell Phone desk.  Finally a guy standing there looked my way after standing there doing nothing for five minutes and I asked him how I could complete this deal.  He did finally help me put it together and I was glad to get out of there.

Hope you can communicate well.  I'm still learning how.


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