Oh Dear, the Deer are Eating the Apples

This morning as I went out to fetch the morning paper, I surprised a deer eating apples in the orchard.  I would approve if all they did was eat the stuff that has fallen on the ground.  I imagine that a deer standing on it's hind legs can reach almost as high as a tall man.  If they did a good job of thinning the apples out so the remainder get bigger I wouldn't mind as much.  After all, most years I do save all the remaining crop and feed them to the deer.  The deer get cracked corn and apples through December most years. 

The Deer Crowd waiting for me to feed them

Yesterday was a good day and yet somewhat sad.  Our visiting friends were off to see parents in Western Kansas and that's the last we will see of them for another year.  We have known them since Julie was a starting teacher in the Shawnee Heights School District.  We have been with them in their marriage, birth of two children and their adventures abroad.  With Julie's family history, it should not surprise anyone that she loves to be oversea's.  In fact we talked with her mother yesterday and she is thinking of going to India for a couple of years as soon as she can figure out where to go and what she will be doing.  I think her family has been in India for over 100 years.  Me, I want to stay home and feed the critters.  

Every once in a while, I stop and think, "What do I want to be when I grow Up?"  Then I realize that at 67, I should be pretty able to accept what I am for what I am.  I see on Facebook that a good friend has a new camper and is traveling.  Another friend has a boat along the coast of Florida and sends beautiful pictures of their adventures.   Me, just when the travel bug bites, I remember that about in 8 days and I want to be home where there are regular things to do.  At least for the first time in several years we don't have any animals that we are responsible for feeding unless you count the deer. 

I think I am doomed to have no voice mail box on my cell phones.  As I attempted to set up the mail box, I turned on the speaker and it recorded the directions in Spanish as my password.  I am in no shape at my age to remember such gibberish and don't have the directions of how to undo the recording.  I pretty much have the e-mail and can even text but I don't have a full up manual to guide me.  Oh well, perhaps this might be a good day to figure out such things.  At least until the contract runs out, Barbara will have to old phone to carry.  It is a pretty cheap emergency only phone and will be worth the price to be able to reach her when she's out and about.

Gotta go and get this cell phone thing worked out.   Dang I hate it that I have to learn another new technology.


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