What's in a Name?

I grew up in a family with four kids.  My oldest sister Myrna Sue was called Myrna Sue, Suzie, Sudie or just sue.  My sister Carol Lee was Katy, Carol Carol Lee.  My brother was Named after my Mother's Step Father and was Richard Milton Petty.  Yep, he was Rickard Petty, Rick or Ricky.  All hose names were used and it wasn't until much later on in our lfe that we would say Petty like Tom Petty.

The other day I was visiting my brother in Oklahoma when a commercial came on about mayhem in a factory.  It seems there was a Goat causing the problem and of course he was the "Scape Goat."  The factory manager cam in and for the first time I heard him call the goat "Rick."  My brother said he hated that commercial.  Seems like some of us may have called him Rick in that same tone of voice once or twice too often. 

Me, I grew up called Denny mostly.  I didn't hear Dennis Earl Petty until i was way in trouble with Mom.  When I went into the Service, I thought of myself as Dennis and most of the guys called me that or Petty.  I had my fiance (now and long since, my wife) to call me Dennis.  When we got to Dodge City to meet my sister, my nieces came running out in the yard to greet me and called me Uncle Denny.  Of course I loved it.

Somewhat later in life I caused an accident with one of the nieces and she called me Mean Uncle Denny and that nick name stuck as MUD.  When I was looking for a  name to use when I write, I selected MUD as my Nome DE  Plume.  What better title could I have selected to use than Riding With Mud.  I have a recumbent bicycle and love to spend time going up and down the trail on my bike.  

The end direction of this is to assure you that it is a heck of a lot more important that your friends call you than what they call you.  So Denny, Dennis, Uncle Denny or just MUD I will try to answer the call as much as I can.  Try to forgive me if I just can't remember that name you want to be called.


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