Easy Solutions

Why does it have to be hard all the time? Who said that some change has to be all bad? I think that we need to continually test the water and make sure it could be a little cooler or hotter in about every field. for example:
I don't think we want an unstable Government like Italy or one that has votes of Confidence like England but do we really need to have the same President for as long as we currently have it set up? Be truthful now, you were tired of Clinton at the end of 6 years and now President Bush is really out of favor. Perhaps three years would be enough for each term. No, I am not trying to stop Hillary from being there for 8 years. She will either make it or not!
Who said that 65 teams are enough for the Big Dance. KU's opening round opponent is the result of a "Play-in" Why is that not the case for all the Number one and two seeds? That could add 8 teams to the tournament. Try it for a year and see if all the bubble teams don't feel better? Going to the NIT is only a good thing if you get to host a home game or two. Again it is all driven by the dollar.
Our voter turn-out for the Primary election in this "off year" sucked. In the city of Topeka the school board primary was decided by 12% of the voters. I didn't get the finals for the county but if my memory serves me there were almost as many votes in the county as in the city but there are a lot fewer voters in the county. For the county school boards they do have some city dwellers but mostly they lie outside of the city limits and you only get to vote in your school board area. How can we increase voter turn-out? How about everyone that votes pay a dollar and get a lottery ticket. The winner gets all the money collected. I know, everyone will call it unfair and like a poll tax. Granny just can't afford a dollar. (She can smoke at four dollars a pack for cigarettes and buy her own tickets but lord forbid the Government adds anything to the process) How about the candidates go out and get petitions signed? That could be the vote and those results would be the final count.
If we all know that Education is the answer to making the next generation better for all of us, why do we resist making it cheaper, if not free? One of the nicest teachers I know is required to get a Masters Degree to teach pre-school. It is costing her several hundred dollars an hour and they require about 30 hours. If it is a requirement for the additional Education why don't we have a fund to pay for it? Sure she makes a little more after she gets the hours but the debt is almost too much for a starting teacher. Add the cost of a house, a car and utilities and POW! we are almost demanding that young people go into a better paying field.
The answer to these questions and many more involves all of us getting off our butts and doing something. Volunteer, Substitute teach, help your neighbors or just be a part of the problem. I know I am but what the Hey, I'm special. MUD!

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