International Pressure to do the Right Thing

I am reading a book about the US Civil War and during the period 1862, there was a lot of pressure put on the Union (and Lincoln specifically) to just let the Confederacy go. It seems that the pressure the Union Navy put on the ports with blockades stopped the flow of cotton to Europe and they had a lot of problems making do without the southern grown/slave picked cotton. Old Abe saw the answer was the Emancipation proclamation to shut down the diatribe from Europe. When the battle became morally opposed to slavery and not just States Rights he felt he could maintain sympathy in Europe. Just another example of follow the dollars. Guess who was Lincoln's biggest opponents? Yep, the Democrats. Frederick Douglas knew, what happened to the Black Leadership and their vision? MUD


  1. He fought for a vision of what the country could become. If they had the sort of communications back then that we do today you have to wonder who would have won in the press.

  2. "follow the dollars." that is how I feel the Iraq war is being played. please don't get me wrong. I don't mean to use emotionalism to forward an agenda. I have no agenda. my uncle of over there right now, and I pray for his safe return every day. maybe I should write another post to clarify...