Life Lessons 101

I am searching for lessons learned the hard way. I would love for you to share a few with me. Not the simple - "Use Puffs when you have a cold because Kleenex will wear the skin off your nose" kind of lessons but those that have cost you and you want to share.
  • My number one lesson of all time is never loan money to anyone that you must have back. I can cite several times I have been a giver of a "Loan" and it didn't come back. This is doubly true with relatives. Hell, give people money, just don't expect it back. Unless you want to cut that person off your contact list.
  • I can cite several hundred examples where a woman told her husband get out of the Army or I'll leave you. He left the Army and she left him anyhow. Changing where you are won't change how unhappy you are.
  • Marriage won't change your mate. If they like to fish, go with them or learn to sit on a creek bank reading a book. Learn to like fish to eat or just be prepared to buy fish sticks now and then but stopping them just shouldn't be an option. Guys, learn to do something with them if they go fishing with you. If they say, does this make my rear look fat, Lie like a rug!
  • You are the only true source of happiness. If you think you will find it in something or someone else, you will spend the rest of your life looking for more of that. My mom had a poster on her bathroom door that said "True Happiness is wanting what you have not getting what you want".
  • The actualization of this is when you didn't buy that new car, the new boat and a lot of needless shoes and you get your house paid off. You cannot imagine the happiness of having everything you need and most of what you want and a Walmart nearby. (the Walmart part is a metaphor for being able to purchase those things you need at a reasonable price, even if it is where I find most of my bargains)
  • Life isn't fair. Hell, nothing is fair. Make do the best you can and learn from your mistakes.
  • Parents are not friends to their children. Friends will celebrate the good times, but leave you in the bad times. Parents should be there to hold your hand, change you diapers, clean up the vomit and pick you up when you fall. They will celebrate more than a friend but they should stick by you for the bad times.
  • Being old doesn't mean that you have all the answers. Hell, we don't even know half of the questions about what the heck is going on today. Do your best and that's more than enough.
  • Technology is one fast changing mother. There is no way that a guy that knows how to install an 8 track tape system is going to be able to keep up with everything a computer needs to do. If they offer an automatic camera, buy the damn thing and be glad you don't have to learn an F-stop from and aperture. If you have to learn something learn how to use Adobe Photo to clean up your photo mistakes. Oh by the way, do not believe anything you see today because of that photo editor program. They can put you anywhere doing anything.
  • keep learning and don't be surprised that someone will know more than you do. Life ain't Jeopardy but it is fun.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it. MUD


  1. Hmm I am going to have to think about this, I linked to it - would be interesting to see what people have to say.

  2. I think for me it's counting on other people's promises that never come through. I learned to just be open to the possibility but not disappointed when it doesn't happen.

    Same thing goes for expectations. Being very loyal and trustworthy I used to have high expectations of others. I still have high expectations, I just learned to not be disappointed when those expectations are not fulfilled.

    Kind of the same thing. But makes life easier.

    Oh, and last, but not least. I learned that trying to control things in my life just doesn't always work, so I have learned to "let go and let God"! Makes life much simpler.

  3. I think that being able to admit a mistake and making amends as required is one. But conversley also being able to admit I am human, subject to weakness and limitations without needlessly pounding myself into the ground is another good life lesson. I guess its all about learning to be comfortable in your own skin - lets you be more accepting - dare I say tolerant, of others.