Where do they get this Crap?

If you haven't started NOT listening to the media's coverage, I want to share with you why I think it is headed directly into the toilet. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Here T'is:
The day before yesterday I was in the garage painting the truck (10 cans of spray paint and a small blister on my button pushing finger). The radio was set on the same station that had carried the KU/Texas game over the weekend. Then the strangest thing of strange things happened. The program was Glenn Beck's "On the Radio" program and I couldn't believe my ears. Here was a guy that sounded more sane and sober than any of the Talk hosts talking about his opposition to the banning of Cock Fights in New Mexico. He thanked Louisiana for being the only state where you could go and watch an "honest to god" cock fight. He talked about how he would take his kids to watch and only in one State could they see this wonderful sport. He was advocating starting a "save the Kids" web site based on his opposition to the ban. After about 10 seconds of this, it hit me that it was satire and the more I listened, the more I laughed. Then the truth hit the fan. Of I should say the fans hit the phones. People called in and made complete fools of themselves telling Glenn why he was wrong.
The more they talked, the more mad people got. I'm sure that had the show's producers gone on, someone would have made a death threat. Finally, Glenn admitted that this was a ruse and there was no real way he could support a sport that is banned in 49 States. This morning his show had a "member" of Hillary's military advisory group on. The member described the credentials of the other members of the team and it was downhill from there. In terms of funny, I laughed my butt off. I understand the difference between satire and misinformation. I'm not sure that the great unwashed masses out there really do.
In today's paper, there was an article about the black community (Rev Jackson and Al Sharpton's) withholding of support to Barak Obama and his run for the Presidency. The point was, follow the dollars and see where they are flowing. In the past Jesse and Al could count on invites (paid for by the way) to speak to groups to raise money for a candidate. This article went on to point out that the Hotel room for one of these rallies ran over $4,000 for one night. Jesse and Al hung around in the last election to raise enough to get the matching Federal Dollars and then bailed out. Does anyone else find it less than surprising that Jesse fathered a child out of wedlock right in the middle of Bill's announced "Blackness" and the Lewinsky mess?
The final straw in the truth in the truth is the internet's announcements that you must notify all your family and friends immediately of some new and improves threat to our lives. The only problem with life is the staff of the site "Urban Legends" can't dispel all the myths as fast as people make them up. About the time a hoax is pointed out, along comes a minor spin on that and the story gets told and retold as the "Truth"
Well boys and girls, That's the truth and I'm sticking to my story. MUD

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  1. Hmm that is an interesting angle on Sharpton witholding support - it absolutely fits.