Trip Pics

In Tombstone, AZ the main street is closed for motorized vehicles. They have stagecoaches, gunfights and cowboys out there. I'm sure that a lot of you think this is what Kansas looks like but today we have tractors downtown not horses.
This is posted here not because it is such a pretty cactus but to show you just how blue the sky was there. Here we look at the clouds but if there aren't any clouds I guess the "blueness" of the sky will have to do. Besides, the sun on this cactus did make for a nice picture. I promise you I didn't have any special filter turned on and this was not "Photo shopped".
I wish you could all really see how skinny here is looking. She has been going to weight watchers and really looks great. I have always loved her but now she looks as good as she did when we were married. She did get to spend some money for new clothes but she spent almost as much on me. The sweat shirt hides the fact that she is "looking good".
The VIP billet at Ft Huachucua was the Hazen house. That is a family name from my maternal Great Grand-mother and means Cantor in the Jewish Church. It may look like an old Army Barracks from the outside but it was one really special place inside. It was also about as cheap as anyplace we stayed. Another Perk from my Military service. I can't wait until August when they start paying me for all those days away from my family. I hope you all have your seat belts fixed for March Madness and are near a good TV. KU will play its last game of the league play today and then on to the Big 12 Tournament. Followed closely by the "BIG DANCE" I do have the ability to opt out of teaching on days when the game is just too good to miss. MUD

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  1. sounds like a great trip! loved the blue sky.