The Truth, The Whole Truth and nothing but SPAM...

As I spend time with children I am often amazed at the level of crap they are willing to accept as "the Truth". I often tell my high school students they need to have their "built-in Crap Detectors" on full blast in this age of information overload. I have more than once had a "Myth" given to me as absolute ground zero truth because someone read it on the internet. There is a site called "Urban Legends" that clearly points out that it is just not feasible for McDonald to use Kangaroo meat in their hamburgers. The shipping alone would make the "rooburger" cost more than the best Angus burger. Jeez Louise, what will the future look like with the large amount of Spam thrown at us daily mixed in for good measure. Here are just a few of the things that hit me this week:
  • Where in all this discussion of Anna Smith was the fact that this is the second drug related death in this family and someone needs to make sure that people out there know that you can and probably will die early if you abuse drugs. Most social service agencies would swoop in and take the baby into a foster home until it is clear there is someone there with the ability to keep the baby alive. Who gives a good rats "patootie" (south end of a north headed rat) where she is buried?
  • Why does our society care who shaves off her pubic hair and shows it to everyone? She now shaves off the hair on her head and again "big stinkin' deal" Rehab, or not to rehab, who cares? If the name Brittany hasn't come to you yet, you are on the right side of life and know that infamy and famous are close but not the same. Get a life not a publicist.
  • Ex-President Bill Clinton was in Kansas this week and you would have thought a "Rock Star" was here. He filled the Landon Arena at K-State for a lecture and then came to Topeka for a meeting of the Democratic Party faithful. He was hailed as the second coming of Christ. Somebody paid $20,000 for his tie in an auction. Don't you'all remember that he was the guy who lied to us about cheating on his wife and having sex with an intern. He was disbarred for his actions and if any of us were guilty of such actions we would be vilified, crucified, and so far from what we want as our role model that he shouldn't even be allowed to land in a plane in Kansas let alone be asked to come here.
My point here is that the past has been changed as our recollection of history has changed. I am afraid that our books will have so much SPAM to cover that the history of today and tomorrow will be changed even before it is written. Not that anyone will read history. In the past our children learned to read then read to learn. Now they will learn to read so they can send text messages and read SPAM. MUD

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  1. I'm sick of all of the above! Brittany, Anna Nichol (RIP), Clinton AND SPAM!