How do you post Pictures & Text

This is an example of how I can load pictures and text in my blog. Our friend Julie in Morocco asked me how I can make that happen. First, you must load the bottom picture you want to display first. It is the same way you combat load a boat. The first thing you need is the last thing loaded. This post is in order of first on, last off. (Threw than in for Gerald who is in accounting) My program gives you the choice of left, centered or right. Then you can select the size of the picture. I use JPEG pictures as some of the others just don't work.
This Kiss is 1968 and the start of Barb's 39 year ride with this guy from Kansas. Little did I know then that Barb's family was from Prairie Center, KS a few generations back and she would turn out to be related to half of the town of Ottawa.

If you want your words to run along the edge of the post find the bottom of the picture above and hit return. That will put the cursor along the edge and you can write to your hearts content. On Blogspot.com, you can hit preview and it will show you what your post will look like. At least that works if you have the same kind of computer. Barb's Mac has a mind of its own and the pictures come in where ever it thinks they look good.

In the edit mode, the picture of the kiss and the text has no space between it. In the Preview it seems to have a couple of returns

Here is another attempt to get the left edge right below the picture. In this case the cursor actually was a couple of spaces up on the edge of the picture. I think it is because the text from above wrapped around a couple of places and drove the real text further down.

This smiling little guy was shot right before I started school. Must have been in 1951 or 52. It is a picture of me in that silly sailor suit. Never wanted to be in the Navy.

This picture is one that was shot probably in 1948 before I learned to walk. Walk heck, I ran about the time I realized I could get up off all fours.

I just wish I could be there to show Julie how to do this in person. I would love to hear the laughter of the girls and to see rainbows out of their window.

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  1. Those are all really wonderful pictures, MUD =)