'Nother Saturday in the Heartland

It is early March and the basketball fans are settling in for the run of games we call March Madness. The Big 12 Tournaments are in full swing and Washburn Women ranked 3rd in DII women's basketball are playing in their opening rounds of their Championship run. So far I have managed almost 16 hours of round ball in two days and will without fail watch the hawks as they play K-State today at 1 PM. I will probably watch the other half of the bracket to see who will be KU's opponent tomorrow.
I plan on checking the tires on the bent sometime this morning and when it gets up to 60 about 3:30 today go to the lake and see if there is any muscle left from last year. I'm sure that a gentle ride will start my season well.
This time of year is that odd time that starts out cold and gets mild in the mid day. Things are just starting to get green but Frost is always there to nip anything that comes out too early. Our fruit trees have been fairly sporadic in the past couple of years. The peaches will make it one year and the apples the next. The one that almost always produces is the Asian Pears as they are late bloomers and almost always miss the frost. Barb wants me to get out my mower and mow her gardens down as a fresh start. She claims that will also spread any seeds left in the plants. I figure that most of the seeds have been eaten by critters or fallen on the ground by now but hey, what do I know.
Yesterday my nieces came over to visit Mom. They invited me over so I took stuff to make sandwiches. We had a nice visit and a good lunch. Janet, Carrie and Jennifer all came over from the east (KC & Wellsville) and I'm sure that Mom had a great time. It is always nice to catch up on what's going on in their lives. We also watched the KU Game but they cruised in the second half so we visited more than watched.
Better go see if there is anything I can do to help muck out the joint. I'm sure there is a floor that needs swept or a bird cage that needs cleaned.

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  1. Cool. nice to 'see' you MUD.
    I love the 'retired colonel' thing!
    I'm very easy going about what approach people decide works best for them. I have no 'beef' with others on that issue as such...
    Nice of you to drop by!