KU Wins the Big 12 Regular Season

Texas played the game of the season for the first half of Saturday's game in Lawrence. They played like a team headed for the finals of the NCAA. They are a freshman dominated team and just flat shot the lights out. Barb and I have always said that anyone can play with the Hawks for the first half. We also say that those that live by the 3 die by the three. They will play well and long in the NCAA playoffs. Now, Did KU cement their number one seed in the Brackets? We'll see. Hang On!


  1. Go Hawks!!!!Woot!!!

  2. I only saw the second alf but I thought it was one of our better halfs this year.
    I don't care what seed we get...as long as we don't SELF destruct in the 1st round.

  3. Thanks for your kind words about the blog.

    To answer your K-State question , they are still awfully bubbly (and I feel out right now) because they only have two good wins (Southern Cal and Texas) and have some losses that are very unlikeable (New Mexico, Colorado St.) Their 10-6 against a Big 12 North schedule is not as good as Texas Tech's 9-7 against a South-heavy schedule. And the Wildcats playing crap like Coppin St., Kennesaw St. and Chicago St. out of conference doesn't help either.

  4. Hey Mud I am a "Friend of Bill".