Funny Stories

These are two stories that I have run across the last week and feel compelled to share them with you. I hope you will accept them as my Friday Funnies.

First the most inappropriate and least political correct. Of course it is a blond Joke.
  • A guy gets a call from the hottest blond he has ever met. She tells him about the new Jigsaw puzzle she got and really needs help. He tried to put her off until he had more time but she insisted that it is the cutest picture she has ever seen so he gives in and goes over to her house. She takes him in the kitchen and shows him the puzzle scattered on the kitchen table. He calmly takes her hand and says, "Honey I hate to tell you this but it never will look like a picture of Tony the Tiger and I would appreciate your help putting the cornflakes back in the box."
  • The next story is a real, no kidding story. One of my students at school is one of the cutest five year old kids. His Paternal grandfather is a Radio DJ and one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. His Maternal Grandfather is a Minister and even nicer than the other guy. But, a short coming in both is the need to say things and this verbosity/talent has progressed into the five year old. I think there is also a high level of self import there but not conceit, only a good sense of himself. On a vacation last week they were at the top of a mountain sitting at a table ready to go down the slope on skis. The five year old looks out on the beautiful vista and proclaims, " I have lived my whole life for this!"

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