What a Great Game

Just when I thought the last Texas vs KU game was as good as it gets, they play an even better game. It looked like the Hawks were going to get buried by the Longhorns and then they just started to turn it around. The Hawks were down 32 to 10 and many probably lost all hope. Slowly they turned it around and never looked back. Anyone that didn't enjoy the game is dead from the neck up. It had everything your would have wanted in a game. It might have been fair if the Hawks had let the Longhorns win the tournament this year but hey, Who ever said things in life were FAIR!
The weather here is great and about 70. I should have ridden my bike tonight but I had to paint some Vote for me signs. I am going to put them on the truck and park the truck at the local schools. It will be in the parking lot on the days I substitute and I will park it there and go ride on the other days. Should be a fun month. It will all be over in early April and either I will win or not!
One of these days I am due a rant about some of the crap going on at the National Level but it will wait. Write if you get work.

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  1. It was an awesome game. We caught the second half, but dad told me that they had been behind by 22. WOW!!! We have a new funeral director at the funeral home who loves basketball so we have been filling out our brackets. Fun. Fun.