Why did I paint the Truck?

Yes, I wanted the truck to be a rolling ad space for my candidacy as a member of the USD 450 School Board. The least I could do is spend a few dollars painting the truck to make it look nice from 25 feet away. In my effort to:
do shameless self aggrandizement! Every ego needs to be fed so why not mine! Really, do some people have no shame? Guess not. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! MUD


  1. The truck looks great...I'd vote for you.

  2. Good luck, MUD!!!

    By the way, you you just got a response on my blog to a comment you made ages ago. The one about the 9/11 video. :-) People are funny.

  3. I've always wanted a truck like this. You see a lot of them used for advertising but it's usually on the side of the road, not able to run. Good job and good luck!

  4. good luck! i'd vote for you too. i mean, after reviewing the qualifications of the other candidates of course. haha.