Have I said that I am a Kansas University Basketball Fan? Barb and I watch the Hawks play every chance we get. Some year we hope to get to go to the games and follow them deep into the NCAA Play offs and hopefully to the Championship. I do feel it is important that I say that I am a KU fan win or lose. It seems to me that KU has always had a group of kids that are not only good at Basketball but good citizens. You know, the kind of kids that you could invite over for dinner with your mother and they wouldn't embarrass themselves or you. Mom would be hard to embarrass but hey, there is a first time for everything.
This is the first day of the official 2007 Spring Break. I have a shopping list made for a run to Wally World. Mostly the early list is filled with pet and pet care products. Even the cat has a few needs on that list.
Some time this week I hope to have a dry day to get up to the Outdoor Education center at Tecumseh South. I got Barb's gardens mowed out Saturday and need to get the garden at school ready to plant. There are a couple of wooden fence pieced that need carted off also. I will mow the grass short so it will get sunlight and start to green up quick. We are about to hit the first day of spring shortly.
This is a combination of two jokes for St Patrick's day. I got the first one from my sister-in-law and read the other one on line but I never pass up a good joke to embellish.
There was an Irishman named Patrick Michael O'Shanahan or "Paddy" as he was known to his friends. When he died, his wife found that she only had $2.00 in her rainy day fund. She went to the paper and wanted to have an obituary published. It was a dollar a word so she wrote "Paddy Died". The editor of the paper said, I'll give you three more words just to be fair to Paddy's memory. She wrote "Paddy Died, Boat for sale".
It seems that Paddy had $30,000 in his rainy day fund and left it to Mary Margaret O'Shay, a waitress at the local tavern. Mary put on a nice wake , a nice funeral and an even better open house after the funeral. Mary's best friend asked Mary what it cost. Mary said, " The wake was $500, the funeral about $6,500 and the after glow was another $500. The remainder will go for the memorial stone." Her friend said my, that must be a grand stone, how big is it? Mary said, "Oh, about two carats".
Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. MUD

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  1. haha... good stuff. :) thanks for your note! my internet has been down for more than a week. happy to be back on now!