Vier from my Pedistile

- I want to thank all of you that posted top the blog about CPL Tillman. He was a fine young man that died in tragic circumstances made worse by people that didn't have the opportunity to learn our life lessons. Last night, the Sydney Portier movie, "To sir with Love" was on TV and it was about a teacher that thought life lessons were worth the effort. I'm not sure that they were as important as to take all the time of the class but many of the lessons in the movie were right out of Life Lessons 101. Makes me wonder how much I remembered from that movie?
- I want you to know that three days this week I had the lives of students in my care. I did a fourth grade class two days and was a Middle School Librarian on the third. The fourth grade class was down right fun. There were about 20 students that were hard working and we kept ourselves on track. "Um, teacher, Mrs Morrow doesn't do it that way" One of the little girls had a broken foot and was on pain medication the day before I got there. The substitute gave her two marks on the group record for being silly. I found out that she was medicated and declared amnesty. The kids were just appalled that I did that as it had never happened. I explained that as the teacher, I made the rules and it was just as much my right to give amnesty as it was to give the group one mark for being "Petty" about what I saw fit to do. End of discussion.
- I would like to say to all the parents out there that your children wear inappropriate clothes to school. The little 8th grade girls with their short skirts were just wrong for school. Short pants with thong underwear and short tops are wrong. I know that their t-shirt was OK when they left home but they tie a knot in the side and shorten it by several inches. I saw more belly buttons in one day that I had seen in a year. For some reason the guys are wearing shoes two sizes too big and not using the shoe laces to tighten them up. They walk with a clump, flop that is just stupid. Two boys could make more noise than a whole class.
- My only meeting engagement worth mention was when four boys gathered in the door of the library and hassled people that came in. I went over and said, "Gentlemen Please move away from the door." One of them was eating a cupcake on the carpet and I ordered him either to get out or throw the remaining paper away. One of the junior hoodlums said you didn't say please.
That was when I raised my voice and told him that he wasn't listening because I started the conversation politely and said please. I then told him that if he didn't leave right now I would drag him down to the office and let the administration sort out the offenses he would be charged with. They left post haste and never came back. Sometimes a big dose of reality is needed.
- Tuesday is the election and I will find out if I have committed myself to two years of Monday night meetings, or not. Stand by for news.


  1. Nothing is worse than a smartass teenager. I am so glad my girls are respectful and kind. I have always tried hard to make sure they respect people. Also...I won't let them walk around looking like little hookers. Not on my watch. Parent's need to open thier eyes and ears...and they would be surprised how much you could learn from your kids if you just did that.
    Good luck on the election. Love you.

  2. My oldest daughter is only 9 and we already are having to make her demonstrate her clothing's functionality by doing head, shoulders, knees, and toes. If Skin shows where it shouldn't she has to change her cloths. I am continuously shocked at the way the girls in her ELEMENTARY school dress and how much peer pressure she already has to dress that way. At least she can honestly tell her friends that her parents won't let her wear that type of clothing.

  3. Oh ya, good luck with the election tomorrow.