Barb Senior

My son married a wonderful young lady named Barb. That only is complicated because his mother, my wife, is also named Barb. Now there are two of them. At first I toyed with using Barb and Barbara but soon found out that they both use Barb when they are at work. If one were to call and ask for Barbara you would get this hesitation until they figured out that the call is for Barb. Well, I could go for big barb and little barb but no, that sounds bad. Old Barb, Oh hell no, do I really want trouble! So finally I just accepted the matter and moved on.
My wife enrolled a bunch of us in a get into shape program called "Walk Across Kansas" and I noticed that she listed her name as Barb Sr. to help them tell the difference. Well, lets see is it Barb Sr and Barb Jr or Barb I and Barb II or does the 1, 2 & 3 rule just apply once there is a third? I will just bow out of the controversy and love both of them.
The weather here in Kansas is one weird puppy. Instead of the two to five snow falls we have had 17. If it starts raining like they predict and continues tonight it may be 18. I think this would be a good year to plant corn here in Kansas. The price per bushel hit $5.00 and there is enough sub soil moisture to get a crop well into harvest. I think Ethanol has driven up the price but those chickens have to eat too.
Barb and I are going to Lafayette, LA next week for a digital photography class. I think it is as much for the break in the cold weather as anything but I hope o learn how to use the D70 a little better. The March Madness games haven't started so what the heck.
Write if you have time. MUD


  1. Wow Denny, you must be seven feet tall! Three normal sized people and then Mr. Giant Person!

    I think that "Old Barb" and "Young Barb" would cause problems too, but what the Hell do I know?

    Good thing, that getting out of the weather up there. We have been having some strange weather down here too.

  2. Did you take winter with you? Last night it was f-f-f-f-freezing c-c-c-cold with winds that threatened to blow me off the road. Today it was sunny and sweatshirt weather. Enjoy your trip, but please don't bring the nasty weather back with you. You can bring some warmer southern temps with you if you like, though.

    Hey, another Dennis from Kansas found my blog and dropped me a note. I've been over to his blog and I think you'd like it.