Now That's Funny!

To borrow Larry the Cable guy's saying, I think "Now that's funny" could be said about yesterday's post. The sad part is that not one person thought it was funny enough to mention. Sad day!

One of the blogs I read said one time that they hated lurkers that read and don't reply or leave a howdy when they read a good Blog. I almost always try to say something even if it isn't as funny or poignant. (Try to get your spell checker to find that word without the g. I could get the poin part but the gnant was just get out the snail mail version by Webster and find it. )

To all the lovers out there, Happy Valentines Day. I got the "Who Let the Dogs Out" singing card from Barb and it made us both laugh. I wonder how many times it will sing before the batteries give out.

Well, that's it for today. MUD

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