Denny's Thoughts Part 2

Yep, these blogs post funny. Part one is below part two because I posted One yesterday. If it were in a book, I could have posted two after one and word processed the crap out of it. I'm sure there is some way to shuffle the posts in a blog but you will just be stuck with the order I put them. This crap is free so read it or don't.

  • A bird in the hand will probably bite you or poop on your fingers. Even if they are very costly and worth a lot of money at "Pet Land". Try to get one of the nasty little buggers to fetch a stick.
  • He who dies with the most toys, dies!
  • A penny saved isn't worth very darn much. Talk about dollars and you might be on the right track.
  • You are your own worst critic. The other guys just get under your skin!
  • If the going is easy it probably is an ambush (Murphy's rules of Combat but who the hell was Murphy?)
  • Kids learn to read until about the end of the second grade. After that they read to learn. Reading is the most important thing a parent can do with their children. Make it fun and good and they will continue to read and learn. I can't imagine a house without reading material. A child ought to want to go to the Library as much as he/she wants to go to the DQ.
Do you know how to get out and stay out of debt? Want the things you have rather than wanting the things you don't. If it is important enough to have something, save up until you can pay cash. Get out of debt and stay there. Most people don't appreciate having a budget and living within it. You aren't the US Government and can print money. It sure a hell isn't worth anything if you don't have any! Why don't schools teach more about money as important as it is to us?

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