Pictures from the Swamp

Momma Gator watching her little baby who is catchin' some rays. Don't think we wanted to mess with her babies.

This is the view of the swamp from our view. Lots of big old cypress trees and water.

What the gators saw from their view. Looks like a bunch of humanoids with crunchy parts.

Nesting egret she just turned her beak into the sun to make this picture.

This isn't a baby gator, just an 8 footer in the sun warming up.

This was the egrets coming back in to roost as the day ended. They had been out eating crawdads and we aren't far behind.

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Curious, Mr D, why are all the critters so small in your images? Didn't they show you how to use your new telephoto lens yet? -Idaho TroubleMaker-