Some Things I hate

  • I hate it that you can't believe anything you see, or read any more. This Photo-workshop stuff has just made it impossible to tell what is real from what is made up. As the world's best maker-up of things, they are crowding me. Is this a Dog Bird or a Bird Dog?

  • Stupid Speech. I am an advocate of free speech to the max but I can't abide people that say stupid things and claim free speech. When something is so stupid that at its core you can't believe it, it is stupid and should be not allowed. Especially out in public!
  • Telephone calls from a machine. The next thing in line is calls from phony polls that make up stuff and then ask for a donation. The third is the one from some company that calls and tells me they are from some credit card processing center and my card needs some attention. It is a come on for a service that is out there to "Protect me" and my cards from abuse. If they are so damn good, they would protect me from their calls.
  • Blogs that just post pictures of their faces with nothing to say. I am looking for a good few sites to read because I like to get different ideas and views. There must be about a thousand young Oriental girls that have some pink background and put nothing but pictures of them and their friends. They also don't have a button so I can just hit next blog and go on. It really pisses me off when I can't do anything because they have the machine captured loading some sappy song.
  • Snow after about the third day. In Kansas we normally get a few snows and they don't last long. This winter we have had either snow or frozen ground or mud for most of the time since Thanksgiving. My truck has big fat tires and I have to turn around in the driveway to get out. I want to go somewhere warm, NOW!
  • This damn writer's strike. Not that TV has such wonderful programs any way. This damn writer's strike has us watching re-runs and reality shows. I hate reality shows that are so made up that they just stink up the joint. Dancing with the stars had devolved into dancing with your mother. Oh mother, what is the world coming to. Next thing I'll be watching re-runs of programs that Mom likes. (Murder she wrote, any show with Andy Griffith) I do want the last session of NYPD Blue because I missed it.
  • Computer programs that load themselves. I have Mozilla and the latest update 2.0.11 or something loads aboput every time I turn on my machine and for some reason it fails to load and tells me it will load the next time I start Mozilla. Pain in the ass, I tell you.
  • I may not be the most organized person or the brightest, but when I can't make sense out of something it is either too hard or not right. If you can figure out how we are holding the primaries and caucuses and how that all adds up to a Presidential nomination, I will buy you a coke. I just shut my eyes for the national Presidential election because the Electoral College makes even less sense. Pile up the votes and the best man wins. How you can win the most votes and lose is just an affront to common sense.
  • For the first time, I have about had it with the split in the Republican party. Right when we need to get strong and keep the Clinton's out of the White House, we are split between the Conservatives, the fundamentalists and the rest of us. If you listen hard, you can hear Rush Limbaugh tittering in the background as this just has to be driving his ratings up and over. Who the hell is Ron Paul? Why doesn't another Arkansas Governor just go away. Pick one and support the guy. Hell, Mitt threw away 38 million of his own dollars and dropped out. Rudy folded like a cheap tent when the going got rough. Oh well,
  • Governments that know all the problems but don't support the solutions. We need some good energy programs and we need them now. Let the taxpayers deduct a few dollars for replacing poor windows and putting in some insulation to cut the expenditure of energy. Put up some solar and wind energy plants. Drill for oil where it is and quit shipping it from around the world at $100 a barrel.
  • Bushy tailed rats, aka squirrels. They are a royal pain in the butt here at Rabbit Run. They eat the bird food and chew on anything wood. Next spring I will have to replace several boards on the house where they tried to eat their way into the attic. I wil leave their trees alone if they will leave the house alone. No, it will be WAR! They will bring a knife to a gun fight.
OK, enough of the rant. It is kind of like wetting my pants in a dark suit. It gives me a warm feeling and no one notices. MUD

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  1. I agree with you on most of these. I do like Photoshop, but I prefer it as a way to fix pictures and make them look more like real life most of the time. Sometimes it's fun to play with color and effect and get something wild and crazy. I also like squirrels, but we don't see many out here and they aren't eating my house.

    I would like to know who the heck Ron Paul is too. I keep hearing his name, but he doesn't really seem to be running. At the moment, I'm liking McCain, but I just don't know. The electoral college baffles me.

    The other day I got one of those recorded calls. It was supposed to be a political survey, only the questions were slowly leading you so that you would want to vote for their candidate. I think it was Huckabee. I don't know because I got impatient with the questions and started yelling answers at the recording. I yelled into the phone how ridiculuous the survey was and hung up. Jo sat there and laughed at me.

    Ugh. #2 again? (#2 seems an appropriate number for those people.) This is one case where I do think a government ordered assassination would be entirely appropriate and justified. Hey, they got that wacky Waco guy and he was much less annoying.