Two Dog Night

There is a wonderful diversity in our language that allows a lot of sayings to worm their way into common usage. A "Hail Mary" can work its way in from the Catholic Church and find it way over to the football field by way of a Doug Flute pass. A night so cold that it takes "two dogs" to keep a trapper from freezing can become the name of a leading rock group. There are a lot of things that are said and found to be just counter-intuitive or an oxymoron. Barbara always points out to me the term Military Intelligence as a leader in this race. How can an institution locked in rules, orders and regulations be allowed to use the word intelligence. I think the Senate Ethics oversight committee is another leader for that title.

The photo above was taken after my parents brought me an Indian head dress and drum when they returned from a trip. I was wearing my cowboy hat and for some reason wearing that bonnet was just an affront to everything I was a cowboy for. Yes, I know at that age I was at best, "all hat and no cattle" but damn it I just wasn't ready to be another Indian even if I was the chief. The photo was taken near Susank, KS in the middle of no and damn where. About 30 yards south of that house was a big oil pump rig with a John Deere one lung engine and it would start up and go pump-eta-pump, pump-eta-pump day and night.

This morning I took out some cornbread to the dogs. It was just beyond its prime and not moldy yet. The dogs attacked the task of crunching up the yellow squares to add to the calories it takes to stay warm in freezing weather. They also had to stop and cough when some that corn made its way into the throat. They both had to hit the water bucket as soon as they saw there was no more of the cornbread.

Yesterday I got tired of walking out into the muddy dog pen to feed the dogs and moved their dishes closer to the fence. I made the mistake of moving the order of their dishes from North to south and had to put them back into their proper alignment. Taco also has started bringing me a big stick when I come out. He takes it over by his metal dish and drops it on the bowl. Like a Pavlov experiment, he "rings the bell" to be fed. It never ceases to amaze me how that dog can pend so much time outside in all kinds of weather. They have a big dog house and even a side shed with a roof and yet he'll be outside on the ground. Oh well.

Hope you have a nice day. I've go things to do and places to see. I best, beat feet or perhaps "lie like a rug". MUD


  1. up north in our country, cowboys are cool. yeah, i'm a cowgirl and i've got boots that are meant for walking.
    at a very young age, maybe you had an idea that cowboys and indians simply don't just jive. i'm speaking of fashion.

    Morning Sniffles

  2. Yeah, those critters never cease to amaze me with their outrageous personalities either.

    MUD, please tell me that all of these black and white photos are you. And when you do that, please tell the stories behind the photos. This one is simply awesome and brings back a bunch of memories.

  3. All I can think of when I see those old pics of you are all the Petty boy that look all alike...David, Ethan, Austin...