Photo class 101

About half of this course is in a class room or the computer lab learning some basics and Adobe Photoshop 6. It is an interesting class because the instructor involves us and our camera's. You should see the slideshow of his work. WOW!

Theytook us out to a local swamp (Atchafalia) and we took a boat ride. Most of the gators were still asleep and the colors were a little pre season. Oh well.

But, the highlight of the day was that I got to meet a cajun dog she wouldn't tell me her name but seemed to like my lap compared to the cold aluminum boat floor. We had a long meeting and it was sad for me to see how once she hit the shore she found trash to get into. Another Louisianan boat ride affair. Short and sweet. Will write later


  1. Hey, sorry it got cold down here, it was really warm up until yesterday, you must have left the door open in Kansas.

  2. It's great to see some fruits of your vacation labor. Can't wait to see more. Have fun.