Bierock Soup

As a kid growing up next door to a second generation German, how could I avoid being exposed to the wonders of Bierocks. Art & Carrie Longhoffer were my second parents and I loved to eat there as often as I could. They are both gone now but stories of Art and memories of Carries cooking linger on. These wonderful cabbage filled rolls with onions and garlic became a staple in our household. My wife tasted them for the first time and has become almost as hooked on them as I am. I think Barb likes them for the bread and I just like 'em for everything.
Earlier this week Barb cooked up a bunch of hamburger with the good intention of making bierocks. She even bought some cabbage which is a key ingredient in the recipe. Today I forgot to thaw out the frozen bread and really wanted that taste of bierocks. So, what am I to do but try to make a soup with that wonderful taste as a base. Barb had a loaf of french bread and baked it and I made Bierock soup. The temperature dropped 30 degrees today and a good hot soup just hit the spot.
I thought about using some of the bread dough to make a kind of dumpling to put into the soup. Barb isn't crazy about dumplings so I put all the ingredients together for the bireock filling and added a few touches. Hamburger, onions, garlic (I like a lot of garlic) and cabbage are the main ingredients. I use a beef bouillon to add depth in a lot of soups and have some beef gravy to help thicken the soup. I had a package of Raman noodles to give it some pasta. A dash of red pepper, salt and viola, a soup that satisfied my bierock craving. I am full of soup right now and will close here with a challenge to you to try making something you love into a good pot of soup. Lets see, Ribs soup? How about Macaroni soup with potatoes and ham? What do you think?


  1. Sounds good. We make something we call roll-ups with hamburger & shredded cheese (some add chopped potatoes or whatever). Cook the innards, then roll out the bread dough into circles, plunk a big spoonful of the cooked innards, bring the dough edges together to seal the pocket closed. Place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at about 350 until the bread is lightly browned top & bottom. Some like them cold. I like them fresh from the oven, as an all in one cheese burger. Great with soup and very filling. But is there a low cal version?

  2. I am in the same predicament. Made the base for beirocks and I was going to use pocket bread, but it just isnt the same. So I am going to add some tomatoe sauce the the rest and top it with moz cheese, and dip the pocket bread in :)

  3. Brown beef, onion and garlic. Salt and pepper. Then add shredded cabbage. Cook down. Add beef base and broth to make soup.