Mo' Photos

This is one of the last of the old ice cream stores left. Just one of the highlights our instructor pointed out.

This is the third largest "Live Oak" tree in the US. The trick here was to try to get some of the leaf detail and show the actual trunk detail. A little photoshop work is needed but not bad.

This is my girl friend again. Still didn't know her name but the face looking like a "wookei" just cracked me up. Perhaps she is a pug/schnauser cross?

Did hear is da' capt'n of da boat. He spent a lot of time making sure he didn't run into da tree and the bridge in the nex pic'ure. He tod a story about a cajun that had been married fo a couple of years and didn't hab no child'ns. Dey went to the local parish priest and as'd fo some guidance. Da priest said he was goin to Rome and wold lite a big ole candle fo dem. About 10 years later the priest was a passn' thru da parrish and met fodoes wife. He axed abotut da kids and she said they now have about 10. When the priest asked where fodoe was, da wife said that he was in rome looking to blow out damn candle.

This is a short part of an 18 mile ong bridge that crosses the Afalatchia swamp west out of Baton Rouge. The next longer bridge is the one that crosses lake Ponchitrain north out of New Orleans.

Dis hear id one of them little startr homes on the swamp. You have to be caeful in the summr because dem damn gators will come right up on the porch and eat chillins.

We ber hab'n fun down here.


  1. I hope you are eating the local stuff. Granted, Baton Rouge is the city. What about that traffic after 3:00pm? Have you ever seen anything like that?

  2. Oh, the dog is a Peek-a-poo. It's a cross of a Pekinese (sp?) and a poodle. My ma used to have one. Smart little things too.

  3. Great pics. Yes please, could you get alot closer to the gater for a tight in shot of the nose :~).
    Hope you are having fun.