Yep, Its snowing again! 2/17.1/08

This morning about 3 AM a strange noise woke me up. It was the sound of dripping water and I looked out of the window. It was a light rain and I went back to sleep thinking that if it is raining it is not snowing. Right? Wrong! Sometime after that it changed over to snow and now we have three or four inches of the white stuff. I woke up about 6:45 with the bedroom much lighter than normal and looking out that same window I got a shock. Now about 9 AM it is still snowing a wet heavy snow that alternates between a fine dusting to a heavy snow in alternating patterns.
Needless to say the birds are out in force and I have added a new layer of Milo, chopped corn and seeds on the porch. The porch on the south side of the house has an overhang and the birds can get in there and find the seeds. Elsewhere the ground has more snow than most of the birds are tall. The ground feeder that comes here most is the junkos. The picture above is a male finch in his winter colors. He will shed those feathers as spring gets here and be a bright yellow. Sometime this spring for a few days we will have house finches and the male has red feathers. They move on north by the end of May.
Dave and his wife went to Ohio this weekend to meet some of their friends. I am not sure which one's but I wish them well. I have Dave's car (2001 Malibu) and gave it the once over and a visit to Jiffy Lube. He can use the front brakes and rotors changes and I bought the parts. It will have to wait until it is a little warmer. The brakes are in OK shape but one rotor is warped and the front end makes a slight shimmy when you slam on the brakes. Not being in that big a hurry it is no big deal to me but you can sure feel it when Dave drives.
Today would be a snowman builder's dream. The snow is heavy and wet and sticks together well. It would also be a good snowball fight day if there was anyone that was young enough to be out in the snow to play. At 60, I'm not sure there is enough coffee or hot chocolate to warm us back up if we were to go out and play. Barb would probably get mad because I hit her with a snowball anyway. All said and done I am probably better off here inside looking out. Got a good book so I'll just read and dream of days out in the snow.

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