Now I Am Confused

This morning the local paper, fit to cover the bottom of a bird cage, covered a topic I found interesting. They said that infections picked up in Hospitals killed 90,000 people and that is twice the number killed in car accidents. I went on line and looked for more information and I was led to believe that a third leading cause of death was malpractice by doctors and because they report the deaths/statistics, it goes unreported. The article I found on line indicated trends in the causes of death and it is changing to old age related causes over accidents and infections.

Well, crap, is anyone awake out there not aware that as a society we are having a bulge in the top age group because people are living longer? Doesn't it make sense that people are sick when they go to the hospital and more susceptible to getting a disease there? I'll bet that if you looked hard enough, you could link going to Bars to death by traffic accidents. Well Duh! I thought I would enlighten myself and all I did was further muddy the waters of that subject. More young men age 20 die from gunshot wounds than any other age group. Combine young people and guns and there is a high likely hood of getting shot. Old people can't remember where they hid their guns or have had them taken away by their children/caregivers/keepers so they don't get shot as often. Young men go hunting more often because as we age, walking 10 miles carrying a weapon just doesn't make sense.

There was a French study that tied vegetarianism to long life. They said people that do not eat meat over the two decade study lived 3.6 years longer. I'll bet it just seemed longer. I also say, well duh! people that watch their diet tend to be slimmer and trimmer and they live longer for what it is worth.

Liars figure, and figures lie. Go Figure! MUD


  1. I enjoyed the morphed photo of Billary. -

  2. Do those young men die in hunting accidents? For some reason, I think that it would be more about their testoterone than tripping on a barb-wire fence. "He dissed me!"

    Back in the good old days, we would have just spent the entire afternoon fist-fighting. And no one would die.

    I heard on Paul Harvey a couple weeks ago that there is a new Staph infection that is taking hold in San Francisco and as usual is overwhelmingly affecting the gay community. It is transmitted by sex, just the way that GRID was, but we will probably not learn that until it is in the blood supply again because we can't piss off a protected minority. Sound familiar? Death is virtually guaranteed and it is flesh eating. Scary stuff.