Some of My Favorite Things

  • Barbara
  • Dave and his wife Barb
  • A big bowl of ice cream.
  • Old Chevys.
  • Dogs.
  • Kids
  • good books
  • new places
  • new things
  • no debt (not currently the case but at least very positive on a balance sheet)
  • good friends
  • stories well told.
  • Great pictures of thing and places I would like to see or places I want to go.
I would love to live in a place where I could put the recumbent on the trail year round.


  1. MUD, golf season is ten or eleven months long here in God's country, but keep it on the quiet. I don't want everyone moving down here and messing it up.

    Biking? Trails? Yeah, we got 'em.

  2. Is that a picture of your wife? She is beautiful! She has such a lovely smile and kind eyes. You can just tell she must be a really nice person. What a lucky guy.

    And if this isn't a picture of your wife, boy are you in trouble! LOL:o)