Life Imitates Art

One of the columns in the local paper, you know the one that is replacing Dear Abby or her sister, is running a column about “what is wrong with America”. Yes, I have my own ideas and here are some of them.

  • Ease – Somehow it has got too easy to get into debt and not to feel responsible. I guess it is the amount of money we owe as a country and how little our personal debts seem compared with that. We don’t want what we have enough and need too much of what we see. Personal responsibility, is the root of this but more of this later.
  • Lies – It is easier to lie about things than tell the truth. It makes life very complicated if anyone really looks at what we say but who cares enough anyone else to keep score. Our President looked us in the eye and said he didn’t have sex with that woman. He lied and now we accept that he is reformed and won’t lie to us again. He is out on the campaign trail for his wife who told us that Bill was the victim of a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” and not personally responsible. She didn’t chuck that idiot out on his ass so now I don’t trust her either.
  • Future – Somehow we have either lost faith in the future or forgot that the future is generally the result of what we do. Life isn’t Las Vegas. At least there you know that the glitz and glamor is paid for by the money lose by gambling. Sure, there are sometimes bumps in the road but mostly hard work, education and loving your family result in better things. I guess the solution of the world’s problems in 60 minutes (less commercials) as we watch on TV has given us a false view of life.
  • People – We need to love people in spite of their weaknesses. Value what they are and let that be enough. I don’t want you to think we need to put people up on a pedestal or to put them under the bright light if an interrogation. C’est La Vie.


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