What a game!

Baylor gave the Hawks 100% of their best. Thank god that the Hawks were up to a 100 point game because it took that much to beat the Bears. Anyone that watched that game probably went away with the feeling that Basketball is one of those games that anyone can win or lose on any given night. I think I enjoyed the end of this game about as much as any I've seen this year. Remember that I saw four home games in Allen Field House so you know this one was a great game.
One of the Hawks, Sherron Collins was the spark plug at the end of the game that has been missing since he hurt his foot earlier this year. He drove to the basket and at the end, Baylor just didn't have anyone that could stop him. That and free throws won the game for the Hawks this time. (Yes, I know the picture of Sherron was from the Nebraska game)

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