Mo' Sno Pics

Barbara always likes to get out and tramp through the snow and take photos of the place blanketed in the white stuff. It never ceases to amaze me that she see details I would overlook. This is a piece of ken's yard art that I also love. It is a Kansas Sunflower with a suet block feeder right in the middle. I kept a suet block in it one year for about three months and not one bird ever pecked on it. The suet block down below the house last at most three days.

This is the view of our house that almost no one gets to see. You have to sneak up on the joint from the creek side and other than animals few go there.

Barb always tries to get a photo of the creek in somewhere. It is the upper end of Tecumseh Creek. It dumps into the Kansas River just at the town of Tecumseh. It may dump into the Shunga there and it shortly dumps into the Kaw.

This is a birds eye view of our driveway if the bird is a penguin. Thank god the snow was just axle deep and we could get out to the main road without the assistance of a snow plow.

Lets see, I have a three car garage but between the mower, the tractor, boxes, the 57 Chevy and Barb's car someone just has to keep his big round nose outside. So far I have kept the gas tank full and the battery well charged and it has started most of the time. I do have a good heater but the door that jok trashed in the wreck hasn't been adjusted yet and it leaks air big time. Oh well, That's the view from here for now.


  1. Nice shots! I like your yard art and your house, but I especially love that truck. There is just something about an old Chevy truck. Danny bought a '47 Chevy in boxes and rebuilt it when our oldest two kids were itty bitty. He finally sold it for way less than he had in it (the market for them here is terrible) because he couldn't bear to use it for a work truck. The guy who bought it could. I've seen that truck around town a few times and it is banged up!

  2. That;s the nice thing about old chevy trucks here in the Heartland. They are cheap because almost every old barn has or had one inside. There is a Chevy truck parts store in Kansas City that carries parts for them. I will replace the bent fenders this spring when I can again get out on the drive. They even have fiberglass fenders for about half of the price of the steel ones. The Pictures are the wife's work. She had a much better eye for beauty than I do. (Thank god she saw something in me) MUD

  3. That some kinda pretty country there. Looks really cold though. I wore shorts yesterday, but it is about fifty degrees today, here in Mississippi.