At Lake Shawnee

Rock work by the Dam
The new Dam

Just Ducky

Ham by the Dam (aka MUD)

Not a ripple on the lake

Geese on the path and why not to ride in wet weather

The End


  1. Dang, geese can ruin anything.

  2. I am sure these were not taken today... unless that big ugly rain cloud is following me, which I believe is fact in my dreams, or maybe it is my nightmare.

  3. So y'all are getting any of our weather?

  4. For the reccord, the pictures were from Tuesday when it was a beautiful day in the heartland. The rest of the week it has been raining to make the Heartland Park parking area a swamp right when the O'Reilly Nationals come to town. I think we have had somewhere about 5 inches of rain this week. MUD

  5. Is that one of those RANS Recumbent bikes?