Monday Morning Musings

Have you thought that as more and more information floods your life you just have to limit the amount of things that really get to the level of important. Or, as I fear, is old age stealing my ability to expand with the new faster means of information flow. At one time, I wrote e-mails and sent them to the family much like the blog I now write. I slipped over into Facebook and find the quality and quantity of information there sorely lacking. It makes me wonder what is the real purpose of this blog and is it relevant to anyone but me. I guess the truth of the matter is that so long as I find it a good outlet I will continue. When it no longer provides me with any good outlet I will stop.

I was watching the military channel the other day and they talked about the US Air Force (Then the Army Air Corps) and the effect of their efforts in the war on Japan. Many of us on the surface, know that the bombs they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki stopped the need for an invasion but really don't know about the effects of the other bombing on the ability of Japan to sustain their efforts. Seen from the side of the Marines and Navy, one might think their island hopping efforts pushed Japan back and finally isolated them from the raw materials needed to sustain. The Army Air Corps view was that the island hopping finally allowed us to push our air fields deep enough to bomb the mainland. There is probably some truth in both sides. I do know that the Marines and the Army sustained a lot of casualties in a bloody war.

Just a note. The front porch kitty had been spending a lot of time between somewhere else and Rabbit Run for the past month. He has officially been missing for a week now and I fear the worse. There is no shortage of perils for an old tom cat nearby. Cars, Coyotes, dogs, other cats and perhaps some farmer tired of his fights are all threats. He was here for many years and while we never really took care of him, I did provide food when he showed up. I won't delete him from the active list just report him on the morning report as MIA and wait to report him AWOL or as a deserter later. Up until now three days was the longest he was gone.

Miles to go today. Probably won't update tomorrow. See you Wednesday.


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