Mother's Day

A few years back, Both Barb and I were blessed to have our parents and many grandparents alive and well. Now it is down to Barb's parents and I do wish them the best. I feel like mother's day is, well, different now that mom's passing is so recent. She made it to 88 and then the old ticker just gave out. Right before she passed, many of us got to go to Bartlesville and say goodbye. In fact one weekend most of the nieces were there and I think there were eight or nine of them around her bed.

I think that our mothers have always been around us in spirit, it just wasn't as big a deal when they were alive. I got to spend a of of time with my mother over the last 20 years and the laughter is still ringing in my ears. Like a lot of things in my life, I will remember the good times and bury the bad times away in that locked box in my mind. I hope I never find the key there and can it can remain secure and tight. I'm sure that Mom remembered the love she had for her husbands and did not remember the hard time they had passing. I hope that is the way it will be for all of us with Mom. It really wasn't fair for Rick to be the one so close and visiting her right to the end. That had to be hard for anyone.

Oh hell, this wasn't started out to be an "oh poor me blog," it was just a Mother's Day post.
I think I will close here and go do something worthwhile. Happy day out there to all you mothers.



  1. This doesn't sound like a poor me post, it sounds like Little Denny misses his mama and that is certainly a natural thing, too.

    She did a good job raising her little man, too.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to Barb. It's always heart warming to hear someone speak glowingly of their mother, even if it is to miss them. It's good to love and be loved in return.