Graduation Season

Spring brings the arrival of announcements for High School Seniors. We are always proud to see who in the family has achieved that milestone. This year our "great" Nephew Joe Craig is graduating from Shawnee East. He is the president of his class and destined for greater things. We got to hear his speech last night and enjoyed every minute of it. If there is ever a kid that goes at life strong, he's the one. I think he will also see a stint in Law School en route to a career in Politics. He is my vote for President in about 15 years.

Another announcement is Rachel Suell who is a very talented artist. We visited her showing this spring and loved her work. Three of her paintings were done to show original work in the style of another artist. I can hardly wait to see her style develop into a strong body of work.

Spring also brings the arrival of strong weather here in the heartland and the other night we had 3 inches of rain along with 30 to 50 MPH winds. The power flashing out stopped the Old Rugged Cross right in the middle of the song. I think it was mother just letting everyone know that she was there.

Twice this week we had members of the family together and I had really forgotten just how much we had to talk about and really enjoyed the laughter and friendship. At least one of the nieces voiced my feeling that the family doesn't get together enough. We did an almost quarterly get together when Mom was in Topeka. We'll see...


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