How Old is Old Enough?

The news this morning reflected the passing at the age of 100, of the oldest living Medal of Honor holder. Lt John Flinn was awarded the medal for actions in Pearl harbor during the attack by the Japanese. A century of living and earning our Nation's highest award for valor just might be long enough for a life hog like me. I did my best to live up to the standards to earn the medal but never was in the wrong place at the right time. The old retired Army guys hope that John Flinn will be hanging around to share a cup of grog at Fiddler's green when we get there. We'll call it muzzle blast but you get the idea.

My mother died at 88 and dad at the age of 76. Can I just average those ages and sign up for 80 years young? I think I could manage to slip in another lifetime of living in the next 17 years. Yes, I am aware that when I get nearer to that age I will probably think 90 is the new 80. I guess I'll just try to make do with what I get and live life until the end. Remember that I think that life is not a contest to see who will arrive with the best looking or preserved body when we die. I want to live life as fun as I can and slip into the grave at the last minute and shouting, "Woo Hoo what a ride." I'll add the old Irish ending - And be there before the Devil knows I'm there.

Yesterday Barb and I went for a ride on the Clinton Lake trail over in Lawrence. It was nearing 90 and we kind of cut it short at 5 miles, or thereabouts. My ride ended with my bike deciding to play drunk puppy and have the tail pass my nose. The water crossing over the sidewalk was growing some of the most slick algae I have ever transversed. This resulted in falling on the sidewalk but walking away from the crash. The good news is that I was just pedaling around cooling down and not trying to set the new land speed record on a recumbent bike. I have had her up to 30 several times and she rolls like a dream at that speed. I will choose to fall at about 7 or 8 MPH thank you. Neither MUD or the Blue Easy rider racer spilled blood. I do limp a little this morning but I'll get over it soon and I get up and around.

The paper is full of the KU ticket situation this morning. They are saying that the loss to the University is somewhere about 1.3 million. Most of that results in the employees of the Williams Fund selling their two free tickets that are given to them. The whole athletic situation needs looked into at all levels. Players and employees are given two tickets to the games. What the hell did they intend for them to do with those tickets? When you can make a couple of hundred (or more) for each game there is a lot to tempt people to scalp the tickets. In my world the employees would be allowed to attend with proper identification but they would have to sit in the rafters like the rest of the low life. (Or the high life depending on how you are so inclined) Start with the AD and make changes until you get far enough down the list to make such shenanigans stop. Besides, why does the Athletic Director have to make over a million dollars? I'd bet that Paul Bahnmeyer and Dennis petty would do the job for a lot less.

If you have one employee doing thefts, it is a simple matter. Two doing it and it approaches the level where first line supervisors should spot it. If there are six involved and they are loaning each other money, it is an all out conspiracy and the Big Boss needs to be fired for gross incompetency.


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