Good Bye to You, Lew

Many of the KU fans have wondered about the KU Athletic Director, Lew Perkins and his inflated salary. Now it appears that he failed in his most basic job and almost 3 Million dollars are are gone in a ticket scheme the employees of the AD scammed out of the system. Yes, it is time for a change and the place to start is right at the top of the entire mess. Yep'er, Lew Perkins needs to go and be damned quick about it. At least the people herded into Allen Field house won't be confused with sheep and get fleeced much longer. When six of your staff are involved in a a scam the boss flat doesn't know what the hell he is doing.

It should be noted that another set of parents were killed when a Ford "Exploder" had a blow out and overturned on the Kansas Turnpike. The SUV then hit an overpass and the driver and his wife were killed. They had four children in the back seat and they all survived. Shame on FORD for playing games. To make the SUV ride better, they recommended a lower tire pressure and that caused the tires to overheat and blam then explode. The exploder was made with so much ground clearance that it cannot stay upright when a tire fails. It should be noted that a lot of people also are cutting corners in these tough times and putting used tires on their highway vehicle. Take a penny and see if the top of Lincoln's head is visible when you insert the coin in the treads. If it is, replace the tires. How old are the tires? If they have three seasons and over 20,000 miles, consider replacement before hitting the open road. Do you have your car serviced at a Jiffy Lube? If so , they check the tire pressure. If not, go to the neatest auto parts store and buy a tire gauge. Tires should be checked weekly and damned sure check the fluid levels and tire pressure before hitting the turnpike.

Another community has been visited by the Westborough Baptist Church to protest at the funeral of a fallen soldier. My Blog Buddy over at Andy's Place rightfully wanted to have them keel hauled and silenced. I agree that there should be a fine for stupid speech, but I absolutely don't want our government to step in and take away any of our free speech rights to silence their stupidity. By the way, stupid speech is the kind where absolutely no one can keep a straight face when they hear you say something as stupid as "God Hates......" insert anything in that sentence and see if it doesn't look stupid. Wishing soldiers to come to harm because the Government allows homosexuals in the Military is like wishing street cleaners be harmed because their jobs are paid for by taxes we all pay. At least the street sweepers here don't have IED's to contend with.

Oh well, our system is back on line after two calls to AT&T about the fact we were off line. The never did admit they were at fault but right in the middle of the second call as they were telling Barb that it was all our fault, needing to reset out router and bad filters, it now works. I'm sorry, But I have to call BS on that one.


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  1. Heh! Yep, AT & T has told me about 6 times that the problem is in my equipment. But, when they finally get a technician out here (usually pretty quickly to be fair), it's always on their side of the box.

    MUD, I really didn't want 'em keel hauled. I mean, it would be fun to watch, but not really. I really think the Westboro jerks planning to show up has helped galvanize the community. I'm gonna be there...and word is that thousands are coming to the young Soldier's funeral from all over the area to show their respectful support. Maybe some good will come of it.

    We also lost another great man. I'm gonna do a post about it. A fine man who was second in command at Ft. Humbug (LA National Guard unit in Shreveport) was killed in Iraq last week. He lived in ElDorado, Arkansas. Very sad loss for his family, ElDorado, and really all of us.