Thanks to the many

This is the beautiful red dress mom was buried in
RIP Mom, 4-23-22, to 4-30-10

I am not sure where to start with thanking people so I'll just start with the services. Rebecca Demauro and Mowery Funeral Home did an outstanding job. It truly was a thing of joy and mom would have been proud. I was all set to tell everyone about the fork but I couldn't even talk after seeing the video and joy of Mom's life in all of you. How Jenn was able to do her part is a tribute to the strong Petty Women that will be expressed in all of you.

I now want to turn my thanks to my brother Rick. He provided mom with a loving support there in Oklahoma and he with the aid of Becky and Lauri saw that she was truly treated like a queen. We will all be forever indebted to the Oklahoma crew.

My sisters have always been a strong part of my life and I hope they know that I am well aware of how much Mom loved them.

I am not sure that without Da'barbs and Dave I would have wanted to make the trip down. They are always my support and I love them dearly.

It was a fitting tribute that all the Seward Kids came up and were there. I just wish they lived closer so we could all get together. Funerals are just not the time to be forced together. It was such a joy for me to hear how Paul's grand daughter saw all this activity. Yep, she was old, she died and she's happy in heaven. Mother would have laughed until she cried over that. Annie, Sam and Robin and families were there to share and I thank them.

My last thanks goes to my first and best friend Harvey who drove over from Bentonville to attend. He had visited Mom a month earlier and came to pay his respects for the final time to Mom.

We will hold a memorial service at 6 PM om May 12th. Everyone is invited. Afterwards, the crowd is invited to Rabbit Run, 4921 SE 42nd, Tecumseh, KS for Bierocks and pie. We will provide tea and water to go along with the dinner. Might even buy some ice cream for the pie. You are welcome to bring your own beer if you desire. Mom wouldn't mind.
Oh, I better end with thanking my Dad for choosing to let mom catch him. We were never rich but never poor.


  1. Hey MUD, thanks for keeping us updated.

    The little girl that said, "Yep, she was old, she died and she's happy in heaven" surely would have made your Mother happy. I know it brought a smile to my face.

    Rest in peace, indeed.

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Your Mom was beautiful! I'm sure her Memorial is going to be a wonderful tribute.